Eco-policy: How we help the environment

Here at Threesixty Services we are environmentally conscious.

We believe that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. Threesixty strives to adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation. This involves continually assessing the environmental impact of what we do.

Here are some of the ways in which we do our best to minimise our impact on the environment:

Friendly advice

Left to right: Head Engineer Eden with Managing Director Sam. Sam is sitting in a sustainable wooden bath in Threesixty's showroom on Zetland Road in Bristol.

When we talk to customers about bathroom and plumbing solutions in their home or business, we can advise on the efficient use of water and energy. People don’t always realise that environmentally conscious options can often be the same price as normal fixtures and that longer-term, these options can be more cost effective. Consequently, we love helping our customers to save money, while improving energy efficiency in their home.

We have some fascinating eco-products in our showroom, which customers can come in to touch. Why not pop in to see us on Zetland Road in Bristol? Check out our aerated shower heads (same drench effect with less water used), sustainable wooden bath, and the unique living moss bath mat?

To mark Small Business Saturday in 2017, Threesixty provided businesses with a water and energy saving action plan. It is available to download for free from Business West.

Threesixty also regularly contribute their expertise to publications. Read our eco-friendly plumbing advice and quick business wins in this Low Carbon West article, published in conjunction with World Toilet Day.

Photograph (from left to right): Head Engineer Eden with Managing Director Samantha. Sam is sitting in a sustainable wooden bath in Threesixty’s showroom.

Recycling materials

Threesixty always aims to recycle in the first instance – pipework, taps, pumps and so on can often be recycled. Most items we install come in cardboard packaging, which we recycle. In the small instances where we cannot recycle, we use registered waste management companies for responsible disposal.

In our stock room, all small parts are carefully sorted into lots of clean, recycled plastic food tubs. There’s no point manufacturing more plastic pots!


We are proud members of the following environmental organisations:

Low Carbon South West logo


Our fleet includes our 100% electric eco-van. Have you seen it? Our van gets us around Bristol and the surrounding areas, when travelling from customer to customer. It is charged by electricity which therefore helps the environment by reducing emissions.

In addition, the office staff have an electric bicycle that helps us to reduce our carbon footprint. We hop on our bike for local meetings and visits that don’t require heavy tools!


All of our power in our office and showroom, is provided by Ovo Energy, which is 100% clean, renewable technology generated electricity. Ovo is a environmentally conscious company that is recognised for being greener than traditional energy companies.

Our people

MostynCooper stays up to date with the latest information on energy efficient heating and water systems, and energy saving products and processes. We train and encourage our employees in good environmental practice.

Eden Warren, Managing Director at MostynCooper, is responsible for environmental practice within the company. The environment and sustainability is of special interest to Sam, as shown by her background:

  • Sammantha Mant is CEO of Halcyan water conditioners – a once in a life-time whole house solution for treating hard water, thereby reducing limescale and saving money, time and energy.
  • Sam’s roles ‘in a previous life’ included Head of Development of Bristol Zoo Gardens and Fundraising Manager at Wildfowl and Wetland Trust.     07957 389866
Bristol, BS6
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